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IFS Connect Community Offerings

These are available to all members of the IFS Connect community 

Monthly Drop-in Case Consult Group

Taking place once every month this is a time and place to bring your questions, cases and therapist parts for answers, explorations and connection.


Consultants will take turns leading this group which will include a brief guided meditation & check-in, Q&A, in-depth case explorations and may include a therapist parts demo.

All learning levels are welcome. Groups will run with 4 or more participants. These sessions do not count towards certification as there may be >6 participants. 

***Summer Pause****

Dates, times and cost TBD and posted here as well as shared via our newsletter.

Beginning with Ourselves:
A monthly therapist parts connection time

Taking place on Mondays once per month, this is a time and place to 'connect in' with your therapist parts and 'connect out' with other therapists and practitioners. We all know we 'should' spend time with our parts and having time and space carved out and with other humans makes it much easier. Both therapists and practitioners are welcome.

Elizabeth and Robin will lead the group this year with a structure of guided meditation, sharing in small breakout rooms, large group sharing, and demos with therapist parts. Depending on the group, we may make our way to using sculpting to deepen our connections. Maximum number of participants is 16.


First round: September 23, October 28, November 25, December 16, January 20

Second round: February 24, March 24, April 28, May 12, June 16


Time: 8:30am PT/9:30 MT/10:30 CT/11:30 ET/12:30 AT (90 min)

Cost: $250 (taxes included) for 5 month commitment September to January OR February to June

*Note these sessions do not count towards certification as there may be >6 participants.

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