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Workshops & Demos

We offer live demos & workshops with pre-recorded webinars & a demo library coming soon!


Demos will vary in terms of being full-length sessions or shorter 'focused' sessions such as with direct access or 'role play your client.'


Stay tuned for future offerings of Legacy Unburdenings & Somatic IFS.


Risa Adams 

Friday September 27, 2024 

1:30-3pm ET

$30 early bird ($35 after Sept 9)

Seeing and feeling is learning and this full length demo session is designed to learn via embodiment - especially for the demo volunteer!

You are invited as witness or to volunteer - those who volunteer are asked to consider allowing their session to be recorded for future teaching purposes, and will be able to change their mind at any time. If no one is available for this we will simply proceed with a non-recorded session.

Elizabeth Parsons

Friday November 1, 2024 

10:30-noon ET

Anna Gartshore

Friday November 29, 2024 


Past Workshops

Sarah Jarvis 

Nov.9 8am-1pm PT/11-4pm ET

$195 early bird

Direct Access: A Practical Introduction to an Essential IFS Skill

Risa Adams & Elizabeth Parsons


7:30-1:30 PT/10:30-4:30pm ET

$225 early bird

Risa Adams & Elizabeth Parsons

April 10 - Direct Access: A Practical Introduction to an Essential Skill

     10-5pm ET


April 11 - Direct Access Teaching Demos

      1-3pm ET

Future Workshops

Therapeutic Relationships through the Lens of
IFS and Attachment Theory

Marina Hazan

Legacy & Intergenerational Trauma

Sarah Jarvis 

IFS & Trauma

Sarah Jarvis

Therapeutic Presence & Parts

Elizabeth Parsons & Robin Beardsley 

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