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We recommend the books below and many others that can be found on the IFS Institute's website


Introduction to the Internal Family Systems is the most comprehensive text and recommended as essential reading for all IFS therapists.  

Simple Intro

No Bad Parts offers an elegant overview of the model intended for lay and professional audiences.

IFS Consultation

Internal Family Systems Therapy: Supervision and Consultation is full of wisdom and guidance for navigating the consultative relationship and imperative.

Somatic IFS

Somatic Internal Family Systems: Awareness, Breath, Resonance, Movement and Touch by Susan McConnell offers a beautiful deepening of IFS into the somatic realm.

IFS & Groups

Healing Circles offers guidance on incorporating IFS into groups

Skills Manuals

Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual and Internal Family Systems: Therapy for Addiction offer simple and clear information and exercises to use with your clients.

IFS for Couples

You are the One You've Been Waiting for is an IFS classic emphasizing the value of the 'You turn' in all relationships

Multiplicity of the Mind

Many Minds, One Self offers a survey of the history of 'Self' in therapeutic modalities and religious traditions.

Spiritual Experiences

The Others Within goes where few in modern medicine or psychotherapy are willing to go in the pursuit of healing and integrity. 

Therapist Memoir

Talk Therapy Isn't Enough: A Psychotherapist's Personal Transformation Through Neuroscience, Psychedelics, and Spirituality is a compelling page-turner normalizing the experience of being a therapist and human at the same time.

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