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Consultation can take many forms and we want you to find what you need - ‘right experience, right level.’ Each type of consultation has unique benefits and we group our offerings by learning level for the best fit.


For those who have taken IFS-I Level 1 all individual and regularly scheduled consult groups can be applied towards certification or recertification.


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This service offers the opportunity to go in-depth with your most challenging cases in the form of case consultation and/or therapist parts exploration.

$175-190/one hour session 

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In groups of 4-6 you will share, connect and explore challenging cases. Groups will vary in their use of case consultation, didactic, therapist parts exploration and role-play.

$80 for 1.5 hours or $100 for 2 hours with typical commitment of 4-6 sessions


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Spend time in the roles of therapist, client and observer with the guidance of a highly skilled consultant. One of the best ways to learn IFS and find your way to a felt sense of Self and parts. Time for teaching and Q&A is built in.

Price varies by length and number of sessions.

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Learning Levels


For those who may have taken intro level coursework and are using parts language in their work or practicing the basic protocols, and beginning to become more aware of their own therapist parts.

If you have not yet participated in any guided practice work we recommend taking the IFS Intro Course or other similar opportunity as your next step.


Have taken extended coursework and are practicing IFS regularly in their work including working with exiles and polarizations. Have participated in multiple experiential learning opportunities including guided triads, consultation and/or personal therapy work. Comfortable ‘speaking for parts’ and engages in regular relationship with their own parts.


Have taken 100+ hours of formal coursework or learning and are confident in all basics of the model. Stuck points are primarily with complex systems and learning edges include legacy burdens and unattached burdens. Are familiar with their own parts such that it is rare to encounter one who feels entirely new, and engages in regular consultation and/or personal parts work.

Not finding what you need?

Please visit our Learning Resources page for other options and connect with us via the button below and let us know what you are looking for!

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