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Triad Practice

Triad work is the best way to combine practical skill building with exploration of therapist parts. Each participant will take a full length turn in the roles of therapist, client and observer to explore and play with the model in a safe container held by your consultant. Time for questions and teaching is built in.

Elizabeth Parsons

All levels

Series of 4 sessions ($450)

Group of 3 required to set up sessions

Risa Adams

Series of 4 sessions  

$455 CAD (including HST where applicable)

Tuesdays 1-2:30pm ET (except first session which is 1-3pm to allow for a round robin where every participant takes a turn the roles of therapist, client and observer. Everyone will have a full length session in each role over the three subsequent meetings)

April 23, 30, May 28, June 18

Pre-formed triads please send inquiry to

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