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Where are you on your learning journey?

Do you know yet what direction you are heading? Do you feel clear on what you need to travel with confidence and support? IFS is so simple and yet also so very complex. Similarly the learning terrain can be confusing, and we are here to help.

IFS Learning Pathways

There is only one pathway to becoming an official IFS Therapist - to take the IFS Institute's Level 1 Training.


It is currently exceedingly difficult to access this official training and while the Institute is working hard to increase capacity (including by nurturing a Canadian Training Team) it may be awhile yet before there is ready access for all who wish to take it. There are currently three Level 1s planned for Canadian residents in 2024.

Hence we are often asked "Do I need to take a Level 1 training?" and "Is it worth the wait?"

There is no one-size-fits-all answer and here is what we say:


                If it is important to you to be formally trained and certified, to teach or provide consultation, then you will want to take Level 1. (And yes, it is worth it!) Level 1s are 80+ hours in length, offer 3:1 guided practice sessions with Level 1 trained assistants, and are led by highly trained and experienced trainers. 

                If your priority is gaining skill and confidence and you are content with being an 'IFS-Informed Therapist' then you may choose to create your own learning plan from the workshops and courses you can find listed on the Resources page with ample consultation and supervised triad work. We offer a 48 hour Intro Course here if you are looking for a place to begin. 

Whatever your path, learning IFS is inherently experiential, and thus inherently activating. We highly recommend personal IFS therapy and regular consultation for all IFS learners. There are many styles and flavours of IFS out there and IFS can be combined with many other modalities and approaches. We encourage you to sample widely and take the time to go inside deeply, with whomever your parts feel the greatest trust and safety.

Becoming a Certified IFS Therapist

The IFS Institute (IFS-I) is the only organization able to offer official Level 1 IFS Trainings. If you wish to become an 'IFS Therapist' and pursue certification you must participate in an IFS-I Level 1 training


To become certified you must participate in additional IFS training, consultation with an IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant, perform a minimum number of clinical hours using IFS with your clients, and submit a video session for review by a trainer. All details can be found here and questions can be directed to

IFS-Informed Therapists

Due to the widespread interest in IFS and current low availability of formal training there are many therapists who find themselves in a grey zone of using and offering IFS without having taken a Level 1. There are also those who choose not to pursue a Level 1 as they feel confident in their skill and experience having taken different routes. What is important from our perspective is transparency, self-awareness and accountability in communicating your level of training to clients, being aware of your growing edges and capacity, and engaging in appropriate ongoing learning and consultation.


See our offerings and learning resources pages for options to become IFS-informed and ways to support your ongoing journey. Beginning in September 2023 we are offering a 48 hour course for those eager for the basics and content to be IFS-Informed as well as a series of advanced topic workshops for those who have completed any variation of introductory learning and wish to learn more.

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