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IFS Intros

Ready for a Taste?

Join us for a 3 hour Intro July 17 

5 minute video to learn more

*$100 Early Bird

 $100 will be credited towards the comprehensive course 


Ready to Really Get Started?

The comprehensive 48 hour online course is now open for 

September registration. Please read all info below before applying.

Ready to Begin? 

Meet your Teachers

Risa Adams and Marina Hazan have been teaching introductory workshops together since 2019. They are both Level 3 trained, Certified and Approved Consultants and on the training track with IFS-I (you can read more about them here). As the IFS Institute works to bring more Level 1 trainings to Canada they have decided to step up and help fill the gap for those who are ready to get started. Scheduled over three months this 48 hour course includes didactic teaching, experiential exercises, skill building practices, demonstrations, and 15+ hours of triad practice guided by Level 1 or 100 hour+ trained facilitators. 

Our Approach

We will begin and end our journey with immersive 2 day sessions and have a consistent pattern of case consult & demo groups, guided triad practice sessions and full day workshops in between. 

IFS Basics
Sept 9 & 10  9-4pm EASTERN TIME 

An experiential and didactic overview of the IFS philosophy & approach including parts, Self, burdens and unblending. Emphasis will be on the 6Fs as the essential practices of IFS.

Case Consult & Demo Group

Sept 16    2-4pm 

Guided Triad Practice

Sept 23   2-5pm

Sept 30  9-4 EST (Monday)

We will learn more about exiles, introduce the healing steps, and emphasize the importance of working with protectors first and foremost.

Case Consult Group

Oct 7   2-4pm

Guided Triad Practice 

Oct 15 (Tuesday)  2-5pm

No meeting week of Oct.21

Oct 28  9-4 

We will deepen our understanding of parts by learning to recognize and work with the dynamics of polarized parts.

Guided Triad Practice

Nov 4   2-5pm (*Note daylight savings ends in Canada on Nov 3, may be different internationally)

No meeting week of Nov.11

Case Consult Group 

Nov 18   2-4pm 

Therapist Parts & Ending
Nov 25 & 26  9-4pm ET  

At its heart IFS is about parts and Self, and the therapist is an equal part of the healing field. Having met our therapist parts along the way we will bring the team together to reflect on the journey and appreciate the learnings and growth. We will also touch into the art of Direct Access.

If these dates don't work for you we recommend checking out the Thinking Heart course and you can see various other options here. The next IFS Connect cohort will run January - April 2025.

Comprehensive 48 Hour IFS Intro Course


$2200 CAD (approx $1600 USD)  

Early Bird rate until July 22, 2024

Regular Rate $2400 (approx $1775 USD)

You will leave with the ability to begin practicing IFS in your professional role. As an IFS informed therapist or practitioner you will have significant practice working with protectors and your own parts, and be familiar with the healing steps. With continued learning and consultation you will be well on your way to competence and confidence using the full IFS model, and if you go on to take Level 1 you will be set to benefit even more deeply.


It is important to note that your application of the the model to your practice is at your own discretion and confidence level, and it will be your responsibility to know your growth edges and take good ethical care of yourself and your clients. 


A certificate of completion will be provided which may be eligible for CEUs depending on your professional jurisdiction. No formal USA CEU credits are available.

*Refundable less $150 admin fee until Aug.9. Inquire for payment plan or scholarships. Priority will be given to Canadian residents and people facing increased economic and cultural burdens and those working in agencies. 

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about IFS for both their clients, and their own parts. The course is a great blend of theory and practice that will allow for strong skill development, and the facilitators create such a rich, safe space for learning and growing; absolutely a great investment for your practice and your own growth."

- Marsha

"This was an amazing introduction to IFS. Great facilitators, lots of hand-outs and opportunities to practice what we are learning, as we learn it. The course was spread out over a few months and the pacing was really helpful. It is with ease that I recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the model and become IFS informed."

- Tory

"I am so glad that I participated in the Intro to Internal Family Systems course which gave me a foundation in IFS to begin practicing as well as ongoing opportunities to connect with other practitioners for peer support and continued development. The experiential aspect of this course was challenging but I am very glad that I participated as the practice sessions absolutely deepened my understanding of the concepts."

- Jacqueline


What is the class size?

The course will run with 18-30 participants. The 3:1 guided practice sessions with assistants are the bedrock of the learning and ensure opportunities for connection and getting all of your questions answered.

Are non-therapists able to participate?

Yes. We welcome anyone who is actively engaged in 'holding space' in a professional capacity be that in a group or individual format. 

How do I decide whether to take your course or

Level 1 or another option?

This is a purely personal decision based on your own priorities. See more discussion and guidance on this topic on this page and what the IFS Institute has to say here. We recommend the Level 1 if you can wait or can only afford one learning opportunity. It is also essential if you wish to pursue Levels 2 & 3 or certification, or to become a consultant or teach. 

Will this course cover everything a Level 1 covers?

No. A Level 1 is over 80 hours and includes more time and depth than any shorter course can offer.

Will these hours count towards IFS-I certification?

No. Only an IFS Institute Level 1 will count towards IFS-I certification. You will receive a certificate of completion for this course if you attend >80% and 4/5 practice triads.

Are CEUs available?

Canadian learners will be able to use their certificate of attendance towards CEU requirements and provincial eligibility for the IFS Ontario Network and BC Listserv and directories. Specific CEUs for American and other international learners will not be provided. Note that only live attendance hours will count towards your certificate.

What are the leaders' cultural identities?

We are both white, cis/het and middle to upper middle economic privilege. Risa is a fourth generation Canadian with agricultural settler Ukrainian and English lineages. Marina is of Russian Jewish ancestry having been born and raised in Azerbaijan, and immigrated to Israel, Canada, and back to Israel as an adult. We are both parents and able-bodied.

Will other staff be more representative of learners?

As we continue to grow our assistant team we aim to expand the richness of experiences and identities available. If you would like to be placed with someone you identify with or in an affinity group of learners please indicate this on your application form and we will do our best to meet your request.

Will sessions be recorded?

Sessions will be recorded on Zoom with the exception of practice groups, and available for all participants for the duration of the course and 3 months afterward. 

Do you have a Code of Conduct or other guidelines?

Yes. Our guidelines can be found here, and we follow the IFS Institute's Code of Conduct found at the bottom of this page (note: the IFS Institute is a distinct entity and not affiliated with this course).

I still have a question, what do I do?

Please contact we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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