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Learning Resources

Find links to books, webinars, podcasts, courses and more below. Videos about common consultation questions and specific topics are coming.

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Both pre-recorded and live courses can provide a solid foundation of IFS knowledge.

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From simple client-friendly books to a comprehensive textbook and so much more.

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In addition to consultation and triad work there is really no better learning than doing your own personal IFS work with a therapist.

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Using these meditations for personal contact with your parts on a regular basis will greatly enhance your learning and can be shared with clients. 

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A variety of in-person or hybrid

ways to connect and deepen your connections and knowledge.

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If you don't find what you are looking for here there are many more well trained consultants with myriad specialties. 

A vast array of topics and teachers to learn about almost anything in the IFS world.

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An array of Facebook groups exist based on location and learning level.

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There are many intro & advanced workshops to choose from!

'Just Ask'

-Richard Schwartz

If you feel like you can't do anything until you know more, or you don't know what to do, remember that a little curiousity can go a long way and you can always reach for it with a simple question.

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