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Online Courses

Recorded courses can provide a solid foundation of IFS didactic knowledge.

*Our position is that it is essential to have experiential components (guided triads, consultation, personal therapy) as part of your learning before you begin calling yourself IFS-informed. 

Marina and Risa offer a 48 hour course built upon the three introductory level workshops they have been teaching for the past 3+ years. Six full day sessions interspersed with guided triad practice and case consult/demo groups will take place over 3 months. An emphasis on experiential learning and getting to know your Therapist Parts will be woven throughout. You will have 5 opportunities in the 'therapist' role of a guided triad with a Level 1 or 100+ hour trained assistant. Registration is open now for January 2025

IFS Online Circle

Offered through IFS-I this 6 month program offers a good introduction for an affordable price. Includes pre-recorded and live calls with Dick Schwartz and other lead trainers. You can join a Facebook group for this community and have the option to continue on with the Continuity Circle with specific and advanced topics. Limitation is a lack of experiential components (ie. no formal or guided practice groups). If you choose the Online Circle while waiting for a Level 1 we recommend combining it with personal IFS therapy and dipping into practical experience by joining a beginner guided practice triad.

PESI Courses

Other Options

Other intro courses are available and new ones are popping up. Review the difference between IFS Therapists and IFS-informed Therapists here so you are clear on what introductory courses can offer compared to a Level 1. You may wish to consider the amount of guided practice time and level of experience of assistants when choosing your course, and whether your teacher is certified with IFS-I. Different teachers also have very different styles so you might want to ask around to see who is likely to be the best fit for you and your practice.

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