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Marina Hazan

Registered Social Worker

Certified IFS Therapist

IFS-I Approved Clinical Consultant 

International Lead PA and currently in the IFSI Lead Trainer Program 

Trainings include: Levels 1-3, IFIO, Somatic IFS Training

Influenced by: Richard Schwartz, Einat Bronstein, Cece Sykes, Toni Herbine-Blank

About Marina

Marina is a Certified IFS Therapist and Consultant with over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and families, facilitating groups, and developing and leading workshops for professionals in Canada, Israel, Russia, and other countries. Marina specializes in treating attachment trauma, PTSD, challenging relationships, life transitions, and more.


Marina was introduced to the IFS in 2008 while completing the Couple and Family Therapy program of Tel-Aviv University. She learned the model directly from its creator, Dr. Richard Schwartz, having completed all three levels with him.


The IFS model has tremendously impacted Marina personally and professionally, and she is passionate to share her knowledge, understandings and discoveries with other people. Marina guides people with much clarity, confidence, compassion, and hope, and she believes that every successful journey starts with building a trustful and loving relationship within ourselves. Therapeutic and consultative relationships, that provide safety, containing, holding and lack of judgement, can become a great starting point for such a healing journey.  

Having experienced several immigrations herself Marina understands and cherishes multi-culturalism and diversity, and knows firsthand the challenges and gifts of being different in a mainstream culture.

Marina fluently speaks English, Hebrew and Russian.

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