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IFS Consultants 

Connection, Integrity, Perspective

We are IFS therapists, consultants, and humans who feel joy in connection. We have come together to support each other in supporting you, and make it easier for you to find the services you are looking for. 


We have been walking the path of IFS learning and healing for many years and it is our greatest shared passion to companion others as they walk theirs and learn IFS. We are all Level 3 trained, certified, and approved clinical consultants with the IFS Institute (IFS-I).


We are here to connect you to the resources you need, and the 'right level right fit' consultative and teaching services you seek. If one of us doesn't have availability our hope is that another one of us will. You can choose with confidence that every consultant here has the experience, knowledge and Self presence to meet you where you are.

IFS Connect is a co-op with each of us being independent business owners. We come together to pool our offerings, collaborate and co-create.


We recognize our power and privilege and relative homogeneity as white, cisgender, mostly heterosexual and middle to upper middle class women and are working to unburden our implicit biases and become aware of blind spots.

We will be continuing to enhance and elaborate on our offerings, and look forward to growing alongside you.

Your Place for IFS Learning

A Canadian Consultation & Learning Hub

What Do We Offer?

IFS Learning Support Services for All Experience Levels

Learning Map

Locate yourself in the learning map, read our summary and find the right recommendations for you.

A 48 hour course that covers all the basics and is grounded in practice triads guided by Level 1 grads.

Virtual and in-person opportunities to deepen your learning and care for your whole Self. 

Individual & Group Consultation

Whether your therapist parts need 1:1 support in unblending or gaining perspective or you are looking for community and connection while exploring 'stuck points' in your work, we've got the consultation services you need.

The best way to learn is to practice with an experienced IFS therapist right there with you.

Browse our curated selection of links to high quality IFS information and learning opportunities.

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"What we know matters, but who we are matters more"

— Brene Brown

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